State prison system is not doing the job

State prison system is not doing the job

The Illinois Department of Corrections is becoming a very dysfunctional and costly state agency for the taxpayers. Facts in support of this statement include a 75 percent recidivism rate of prisoners in 2012; the number of lawsuits pending against the IDOC, filed by both prisoners and employees, and an employee union contract that has not been signed.

The IDOC is run by politicians, not professionals. Therefore, reformation and rehabilitation are the rhetoric and systematic dehumanization is the reality.

Other states that operate on a much smaller budget per capita than Illinois, have 20 percent recidivism rates because they don't appoint politicians to run their corrections agency. Funds should be used to train staff and prepare inmates for re-entry into society with job/life skills.

IDOC simply locks the vast majority of its prisoners into cells 18-22 hours per day and offers very minimal education and/or rehabilitative programs. IDOC staff are angry with the governor so they abuse the inmates and then we file lawsuits, all at costs to the taxpayers of Illinois.