Champaign library wonderful local asset

Champaign library wonderful local asset

The Champaign Public Library is an awesome asset to our community. It is a wonderful place to learn, read, study, meet authors, join a summer reading program, relax, submit an online employment application to a future employer, enjoy time with friends, get out of the heat or cold depending on the season or just hang out with a good book.

The benefits derived from the library reach across social/economic/racial barriers and bring a community together in a comfortable place. There is not another asset in our community that accomplishes these goals and brings a community together like the library.

I just can't fathom reducing the hours or the staff at one of our greatest public assets. If you want a smiling face to help brighten your day, then look no further than the library. What a wonderful staff it has, so full of knowledge and so eager to help.

In these times, if we can't depend on our library then who or what can we depend on?