Overwrought writer doesn't get the issue

Overwrought writer doesn't get the issue

I write in response to Roland Cooper of Monticello's recent concealed-carry diatribe in the letters section.

I would like to offer the following: First, Cooper is either not very well informed or is prevaricating for effect — the voting was a Piatt County referendum on concealed carry. It was not limited to Monticello. Second, the vote was indeed 80 percent countywide in favor of concealed carry, which puts the reluctant Cooper firmly in the minority.

Finally, Cooper misses the whole point of concealed carry, which is mainly a preventative measure meant to deter would-be criminals. If erstwhile criminals don't know who might be armed, then they will be less likely to start trouble. Cooper can be assured that someone else will carry his water, and he can leave his gun (if he has one) safely at home in his closet.




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