Parkland program leads to the UI

Parkland program leads to the UI

Particularly for small-town Illinois high school graduates, the transition into a large university environment can be overwhelming.

The Parkland Pathway to Illinois program has been offering tremendous support to a growing number of Parkland students since 2008. Founded with help from a Lumina grant, the program offers a unique opportunity to qualifying students beginning full-time at Parkland who are interested in transferring to the UI. While studying at Parkland, Pathway students are eligible to enroll in up to five hours at the UI for fall and spring semesters. They also have access to certain facilities, student activities and services at the UI.

Both institutions are fully committed to the success of Pathway program participants by providing transfer application workshops, mid-term grade monitoring, newsletters and a Facebook page that provides information on UI activities and policies.

Students are able to acclimate to university life at a more relaxed pace, backed by support from both Parkland and Illinois counselors.

Interest in the program has increased steadily over the years from 19 participants in the fall 2008 pilot cohort to 137 admitted for this past fall semester. Upon successfully completing Parkland course work, the students are guaranteed admission to select UI programs. Between 2008 and 2010, more than 80 students successfully transferred.

Preference for those accepted into the program is given to District 505 students and those from underrepresented backgrounds and non-traditional academic interests. For more information, visit


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