Guns dangerous, not safety measure

Guns dangerous, not safety measure

In criticizing Roland Cooper's letter on the subject of concealed carry in Piatt County, Gustav Schupmann lays on the old canard — that our noble gun owners will selflessly protect the rest of us, will "carry (our) water," because they and only they have the guts (and the guns) to protect us.

The truth is that close proximity to guns puts one at greater risk of injury or death via guns — not lesser. The Centers for Disease Control study, and others, demonstrates a far greater danger to those living with or near guns than for those who stay clear of them. The 2-year-old recently gunned down in her Kentucky home by her 5-year-old brother is just the latest in a long series of examples.

Schupmann is protecting no one — such a notion is a fantasy that might keep him entertained, but that's about it.