Immigration bill is just another sham

Immigration bill is just another sham

I think everyone would agree that it is easier to enter this country illegally than it is to legally board a commercial airliner. The media reports that there is a new immigration reform bill under discussion.

All our yesterdays tell us that it will become another piece of immigration legislation that will not be enforced.

In 1986, President Reagan signed an immigration reform bill with a promise from Congress that it would pass strong border security legislation. No such legislation has been passed.

New immigration legislation is not needed to secure our borders. What is needed is to just enforce the laws we already have. We have troops in Afghanistan constructing secure outposts along their border, why not our border?

For 60 years we've had troops in South Korea helping secure its border, but our borders are virtually wide open.

The proposed immigration legislation represents both political parties vying for new voters. If you were born in this country, or you emigrated here legally, the political professionals pretty much know how you vote. It is the illegal residents our elected officials are interested in for their future voting.

Might someone suspect that today the parties on either side of the aisle in Congress can only compromise and be bipartisan when they feel it is in their best interest for being re-elected? What do you think? Is there anything we can do about it?