Library books, geese both must be culled

Library books, geese both must be culled

I'd like to comment on two recent letters to the editor.

1. Re "Library woes," the recent weeding snafu was unfortunate, but not a deliberate attempt to get rid of books — it was a miscommunication problem.

No library (except the Library of Congress) can keep all the books it buys forever, nor should it. Libraries must choose what they can afford to keep. While I appreciate the fact that Urbana Free Library has a good collection of older books, I don't expect find every old book there. (That's what we have research libraries and interlibrary loan for.) Don't vilify an otherwise excellent library director for one error.

2. "If there are too many geese," I agree wholeheartedly. These "migratory" waterfowl are out of control. They no longer migrate, they have too many offspring and they befoul our waters and banks. Since they have few predators, they no longer need six to eight babies to make sure one or two survive.

Couldn't we feed them something with a birth control agent?




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