It's time to replace our out-of-whack tax system

It's time to replace our out-of-whack tax system

The unfair practices of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service have got to stop.

It is obvious our political leaders, both federal and state, are out of control. They are only in office for their own personal gain. The present income tax system should be eliminated, and a new fair system should replace it.

I have heard many good Americans, like former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, explain the fair tax. Everyone would pay their fair share because it's based on a national sales tax.

This would eliminate tax loopholes utilized by corporations and the very wealthy. You would pay according to the size of your purchases. Families purchasing an average-priced vehicle would pay less sales tax than wealthy people who buy luxury cars.

This would also be true for clothing, furniture, etc. We are all consumers.

Let's face it — filling out tax forms is not only complicated, it's unfair.


St. Joseph