Delays in DUI case can't be tolerated

Delays in DUI case can't be tolerated

I was the subject of a recent story headlined "Waiting on Justice" that was about the long time I have had to wait to testify as a witness in a Vermilion County drunk driving case. I write to thank reporter Noelle McGee and The News-Gazette for making my story public.

It wasn't until I read the comments from the Moreman family that I realized the pettiness of my plight. They lost a loved one. My family and I are so sorry for their loss.

I have not had any contact from the state's attorney's office and honestly didn't expect any.

The general attitude among the officials of Vermilion County, including the mayor of Danville, is very dismissive of its citizens.

But just maybe, the inaction of the state's attorney's office may bring to light what is actually going on.

There should be no excuses and no plea bargains.

If the state's attorney's office was interested in plea bargains, then this situation, and so many others, would have been dealt with a long, long time ago.

We all have had to do more with less money. There should be no excuses to the Moreman family or me.

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