Obama backs up strong words with strong action

Obama backs up strong words with strong action

On June 25, President Obama announced a comprehensive climate plan to address global warming — a welcome first step and a big one. His plan includes setting limits on carbon pollution from power plants, the largest source of carbon emissions in the country, advancing energy efficiency and increasing the nation's commitment to renewable energy.

Last year, more than 3 million Americans voiced support for those standards. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, record drought in many states, wildfires in Colorado and devastating floods here in Illinois, Obama listened to these Americans and rose to the challenge. Policies like these are essential to implementing the clean energy solutions necessary to tackling global warming.

I thank President Obama for backing up his strong words on global warming with strong action to clean up power plants so that we can fulfill our obligation to our children and future generations by addressing global warming. Now we need all of our elected officials to make serious efforts like Obama did.


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