Gun-licensing process is way too expensive

Gun-licensing process is way too expensive

South Carolina's legislators are trying to revoke a 100-year-old law requiring citizens to obtain a permit to purchase a handgun. The law was intended to keep blacks and the poor from having firearms.

Illinois just passed a requirement of 16 hours of approved training to receive a conceal-carry permit. I checked out classes approved for the permit, and here is what I found.

A two-day class for outside-the-home firearm defense costs $350. To get in this class requires completion of an in-home class that cost $250. If you can pass the in-home written test, you can bypass it. However, the outside the home course is only 14 hours. The courses require a minimum of 500 rounds of ammunition, minimum cost $200. The nearest course is 150 miles one way.

The two courses would require the applicant to travel 600 miles. The government's estimated cost of driving a vehicle one mile is 60 cents, for a total of $360. Two nights' lodging would cost $200 plus $50 for meals.

A quality handgun would cost around $500 plus $75 for a holster, cleaning kit and a required third magazine. The FOID card is $10, and the application fee is $150.

If I had the $2,145 lying around, I would bet it was Democrats who insisted on the 16 hours. They are the same people who insist on dividing us into lower class, middle class and upper class and have always claimed to champion the first two. They have once again passed a law without any thought about unintended consequences. Or have they?

Maybe their law is just a newer version of the law passed by Democrats in South Carolina.




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