Board member sadly lacking in insight

Board member sadly lacking in insight

Once again it is a tight race to see which governmental body wins the title for most clueless. While the Champaign County Board was in a tight race with its failure to reappoint the head of the housing authority board, and then not notice for six months, this month's winner is the Champaign school board.

At its Aug. 12 meeting, we were treated to one board member opining that it would be better if the school resource officers were "younger." She was bemoaning the fact that the costs had gone up due to the increased seniority of the officers.

Apparently this board member is unaware that under city of Champaign and Unit 4 policies and the police union contract, age discrimination is forbidden. Would this board member have been so quiet if someone else stated that female officers should not be used because they might get pregnant and therefore unable to work for a period of time?

I doubt that even she would make such an egregious comment. The Champaign schools, since the SRO program was adopted, have been relatively quiet. Additionally, apparently the lessons of Sandy Hook are quickly fading. Like the security officials at airports, SRO officers are a needed entity in the schools. It is a sad commentary that certain members of the school board have such a poor grasp of the reality in today's schools.




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