Resume issue needs a good explanation

Resume issue needs a good explanation

I have read the resume of a doctor who had applied for the open position on the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department board. (The board of health consists of four representatives from Ford County and four from Iroquois County.) His application was stamped as being received at the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department on July 14.

His resume is extensive; his professional strengths are well defined as well as his interest in public health. He resides in neighboring Kankakee County, is a visiting specialist at Iroquois Memorial Hospital and also meets with patients in Kankakee.

On July 30, a special called meeting of the full Iroquois County Board convened for the sole purpose of interviewing and appointing someone with medical credentials. Only Dr. Fifer, a retired surgeon from Effingham, was present to be interviewed. Following an executive session during which he was interviewed, Dr. Fifer was approved to fill the position by a 9-7 vote.

I was among several interested citizens who attended this meeting. Having heard there were two persons interested in the position, our group was curious as to why only one interview took place. If any explanation took place during the executive session, the general public is not privy to that information.

I hope the county board members were not denied the opportunity to review the resume of the second doctor. I do not understand why, as board Chairman Copas was quoted in an interview as saying, "we were not looking for people who were already doing business with the public health department."

Perhaps this will be elaborated on at the next Iroquois County Board meeting. I am not the only one interested.




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