State officials run Illinois into ground

State officials run Illinois into ground

Question: Would you move to Illinois?

The state cannot pay its bills and is almost bankrupt. Gov. Pat Quinn is running around the state handing out feel-good money to area health care facilities to create jobs for Illinois. Yet these same facilities are owed millions of dollars for unpaid services they provided. Jobs will not be created until the state faces the fact that it needs to pay its bills first.

Things are a disaster in Springfield. State officials cannot seem to solve the pension problems that they created, instead blaming the pensioners who paid into their pension systems for the problem. But legislators have time to pass marijuana and concealed-carry legislation and sue Quinn to be paid for their hard work.

Our citizens are moving elsewhere because they do not see a future here. Businesses are choosing other states to locate because they do not trust this state. The state wants to raise taxes to create more revenue when it cannot handle its own bills responsibly.

So here's my answer to the question I posed at the beginning of this letter: emphatically, no.




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