It's wrong to call sick animal 'lemon'

It's wrong to call sick animal 'lemon'

I very strongly object to the phrase "puppy lemon law" used in a recent news article to describe legislation recently signed by Gov. Pat Quinn.

No puppy, or any other animal, no matter how ill, is a lemon. It is an animal in need. I understand that people who purchase animals expect healthy, problem-free purchases. But to call a sick animal a "lemon" is derogatory and uncalled-for. Would the News-Gazette use the term "lemon" to describe a newborn with cystic fibrosis or some other genetic or congenital disease?

It's irrelevant that lawmakers used the term to describe their statute; they should not have done so, and The News-Gazette should not have followed their lead. Calling a car a "lemon" is an insult to lemons, though we have less compassion for fruit than we should for animals.

I have intentionally adopted the most ill animals I could find at the humane society in order to help in their care. None of them were "lemons." They were/are the best pets imaginable.




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