More grumpy views on today's news

More grumpy views on today's news

Syria has been very much in the news of late. Wonder how many Americans could find it on the map? Probably not many if they went to a public school. Most would have trouble finding Mexico or Canada.

Illinois football coach Tim Beckman said he was "shocked" when he heard about all the goings-on at Oklahoma State where he was an assistant coach several years ago. It seems players were paid, given high unearned grades and tutors completed school assignments. Of course, Beckman was unaware of any of this. Sure, and Obama never knew about the Internal Revenue Service harassing conservative organizations.

The grievance industry is making noise again. This time the professional whiners are after the "Redskins" nickname for the Washington, D.C., NFL football team. No matter that the team has had that name for over 80 years, is steeped in tradition and has high attendance and TV ratings.

Some secretary of state we now have. He married the widow of the Heinz food empire and became filthy rich. Some would call him a gigolo. He served in Vietnam came back and made a big show of throwing what he said was his Purple Heart (it wasn't) over the White House fence. Then he accused our military of killing and maiming women and children.