'War weary' phrase is getting tiresome

'War weary' phrase is getting tiresome

I'm tired of everything being taken to extremes. The news will flash an alert if some baby ducks get caught in a drain. Former elite news networks use half of their half-hour highlighting puff pieces — RIP Walter Cronkite.

The most egregious example of all, however, is the phrase "war weary."

I don't know when the American people decided that this time they are war weary. Was it when "W" decided to fight two modified police actions without funding them? Was it when Barry decided to use drones to have his way with the Middle East?

I served 19 sweaty, dangerous, bug-infested months in Vietnam. I was not in combat most of the time, but I was surrounded by men, and some women, who didn't want to be there. They were, mostly, draftees.

That is war weary. World War II was war weary in the extreme and so was Korea.

I don't say this to belittle our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are brave beyond the call because they all volunteered.

I'm talking about the man on the street who says he is weary of fighting these wars. They say it like it was a boring movie that ran for three hours. They aren't being drafted, their kids aren't being drafted, they aren't paying higher taxes. What are they weary of?

It would be nice if we were all weary of wars before they began. But people should not try to make weariness about themselves when they don't have a stake in the process.




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