Illegal immigration leading us to bad end

Illegal immigration leading us to bad end

In 1978, I ran for the state congressional seat held by the late U.S. Rep. Ed Madigan. One main issue was the control of illegal immigration from Mexico. There was little interest in this topic. Illinois Republicans deferred to the Farm Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce, both of which wanted to hire low-cost immigrant labor.

In 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed the Simpson-Mazzoli Act, which was to fix the number of illegal immigrants in the United States, secure the border and institute enhanced employer sanctions. Subsequent administrations failed to enforce this legislation.

I took the same position when I ran in 1992 for the Illinois Senate seat held by the late Stan Weaver. Again, there was little public interest.

Since then, the country has been overrun with Spanish-speaking illegal immigrants. In California, one cannot be in any retail business without having a Spanish-speaking clerk to deal with customers. The same is true with all call lines in this country. California presently has 38 percent Spanish speaking citizens. If amnesty is granted to the 10 million already here, chain immigration will bring in another 20 million and California will become a de facto Mexican state. These people can vote in both Mexican and California elections, as voter-fraud law in California is never enforced.

California, like Illinois, is a solid blue state as a result. One can add to this list New York, New Jersey and Colorado, with Texas and Florida being close behind.

As they account for 90 percent of the population growth in California, and the graduation rate from high school of Hispanics is near 50 percent, it does not take much imagination to see where this country is headed.