County board chair's comments out of line

County board chair's comments out of line

In politics, there is an unwritten rule that you can attack another person's policies, you can even attack their actions, but you never attack someone's intentions.

In Wednesday's News-Gazette, the chair of the Champaign County Board, Alan Kurtz, attacked my intentions and I am deeply offended.

I started the Young Democrats in April 2013 because I didn't think that there were enough young people involved in the politics and the community of Champaign-Urbana.

Mr. Kurtz, in reaction to an endorsement questionnaire our organization sent out to all Democrats in contested primaries, sent out a disconcerting diatribe, calling out myself and the organization I am president of, saying the whole reason we were formed was to attack him.

This could not be further from the truth, and any Democrat that has been to our events or participated in any way with our organization can attest that we have grown more and more with every event we have had by offering a positive environment, and nobody is bullied into believing one thing or another.

I am calling on Mr. Kurtz to stop his bullying tactics and rescind his statement with immediacy. As Americans, we reserve the right to endorse candidates that we feel best represent the community, and our exercise of that is not to be bullied or threatened by anyone.




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