Family received wonderful gift on Christmas Eve

Family received wonderful gift on Christmas Eve

On Dec. 19, my Boston terrier got out of the fenced yard and disappeared. The weather was frigid and wet, and we feared for the worst after not finding her within a few hours.

The search continued, and I never gave up hope. I thought perhaps she had found a new family that had taken her in.

This was my mother's dog, and when she passed, we inherited Georgia.

There was great sentimental value attached to this loving little animal. We missed her greatly.

Then on Christmas Eve day, we received a call! Georgia had a chip placed in her and her tag had the number of the organization she was registered to.

The men working at the AT&T office on Washington in Urbana had found her huddled in a bed of leaves in their lot. She was cold but still alive.

Today, Georgia is her normal self though a bit more of a homebody. I don't know the names of the men who found Georgia, but they provided our family with the best Christmas present ever!