Lou, Mary and Mark: The Good Samaritans

Lou, Mary and Mark: The Good Samaritans

I was flying from Dallas to Champaign on the evening of Jan. 2. The flight was canceled an hour before departure. I then booked a flight to Bloomington leaving the same evening.

The only problem was that there was no way to get to my car, which was parked at the Champaign airport. There were no buses, trains, taxies or car rentals that evening.

I asked other people what they were going to do and found a couple who had someone coming from Champaign to pick them up.

I asked for a ride. They were not sure if there would be room because they had already offered a ride to two other people they didn't know.

I finally got the OK. I then learned the names of these Good Samaritans — former Fighting Illini men's basketball coach Lou Henson and his wife, Mary Henson.

They have no idea how grateful I am for their kindness. I think it comes naturally to them.

The other Good Samaritan was the driver, one of Henson's former assistant coaches, Mark Coomes.

Thanks to these kind, giving people, I got home safe and sound.