Davis voted for cuts to veterans' pensions

Davis voted for cuts to veterans' pensions

Congress recently passed a budget that raised government spending while cutting the pensions of veterans, including disabled veterans. Rep. Rodney Davis voted for this budget. After casting his vote, Davis issued a statement defending the budget and the compromises made. Shortly thereafter, WICD ABC Newschannel 15 aired a story regarding the budget cuts, and Davis attempted to justify them by claiming that many veterans would have a second job because they retired prior to turning 62.

However, just days later — once it became apparent that targeting veterans' pensions was politically unpopular — Davis suddenly reversed course. On Jan. 3, he posted a statement to his Facebook page, decrying those cuts and stating that he and his colleagues had introduced legislation to attempt to restore the cuts. Not once in his statement, however, did Davis ever note that he had in fact just voted for those very cuts and had justified them.

Regardless of the position he now takes, the reality remains that Rep. Davis voted for and defended the cuts to veterans' pensions before he opposed them. His attempts to now undo those cuts are too little, too late. The time to have protected veterans' pensions was before voting to cut them, not after.


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