N.Y. Times articles shed light on Carle

N.Y. Times articles shed light on Carle

Following futile attempts to penetrate the mumbo-jumbo of Carle Foundation Hospital's bankrupt friendly "provider based billing," I turned to another feature of their innovative accounting.

Traversing the heights of hocus to the depths of pocus, it became abundantly clear that the "facility fee" is simply a charge for the privilege of entering one of Carle's welcoming doors, perhaps something of a postscript to the amount previously shifted to the Urbana property taxpayers.

Those taxpayers might find of special interest a recent New York Times extensive article whose major headings are revealing of its contents:

"Benefits Questioned In Tax Breaks For Hospitals" and "Hospitals That Get Tax Breaks Provide Little 'Charity Care' In Return, Health Experts Say."

The finagles and manipulations described therein of profit-obsessed "charity" hospitals across the country, with their broad and distorted definition of the term, are producing growing outrage at this lightly regulated area of exploitation.

May God forbid that such bottom-line greed should ever infect any health care institution in our local area!




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