New Central would add to tax burden

New Central would add to tax burden

Recent articles in The News-Gazette about the difficulties of retirement and the proposed new Champaign Central High School contain a common thread.

The greatest threat to retirement in my family comes from ever-escalating property taxes. As a retired 30-year UI engineering professor, I receive a "generous" retirement from State Universities Retirement System. While "generous" can be debated pro and con, fully 17 percent of my retirement before taxes, health insurance and other deductions is taken up by paying the obscene property taxes on our single-family residence.

A lavish and expensive new high school will increase property taxes dramatically. Other "needed" services such as the C-U Mass Transit District (whose top six officers receive a combined salary of $863,311/year and averaged 3.3 percent raises over the past seven years) continue to unilaterally raise their tax bite. And on it goes, on and ever upwardly on.

Property taxes are evil. Nobody owns anything. We just rent our homes from the city. Families cannot live beyond their means indefinitely. The city shouldn't try to either.

Re-read Dan McCollum's column, revise the high school plans to something at least halfway reasonable, rein in the voracious MTD and then let's discuss where else to cut city spending. Citizens are being taxed out of their homes and it has to stop somewhere. Why not here? Why not now?