GOP lawmakers losing grip on the ball

GOP lawmakers losing grip on the ball

Some of my friends look at political parties in the same way they look at their favorite baseball teams. Sure, the players on this year's Cardinals are new, but we still cheer them on. Baseball's only a game, after all; the Cardinals want to entertain their fans because that's what sports are all about.

But today's Republican Party seems to have lost sight of why people have been supporting them in the past. Washington Republicans still talk nice and call themselves conservatives, but the only things they agree on are protecting the rich and hating Obama: Many are anarchists.

Here is an excerpt from the Feb. 28 News-Gazette. The Senate "derailed Democratic legislation that would have provided $21 billion for medical education and job-training benefits for the nation's veterans. Republicans used a procedural move (filibuster) to block the bill." Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders "chided GOP lawmakers about their priorities. 'I have a hard time understanding how anyone could vote for tax breaks for billionaires ... and large corporations, and then say we don't have enough resources to protect our veterans.'"

Would you still be a Cardinals fan if the owners decided to replace their players with a bunch of clumsy clowns wearing uniforms saying "Down with baseball; the Cubs stink"?