Idea of cutting vets' benefits a disgrace

Idea of cutting vets' benefits a disgrace

Any member of the House or the Senate that is in favor of cutting the health and family benefits of this nation's military — past, present or even of deceased members — should volunteer to be immediately removed from office. What a joke to see so many of them wear their little flag lapel pins and listen to their long-winded foolish speeches, while showing such little respect and empathy for the very citizens who have put their lives and families in such a precarious position, while standing up for the prosperity and safety of this great nation.

All the while, these same politicians give themselves pay raises, vacations, limousines, and many other perks to businesses and to many foreign nations that hate us and are trying to destroy our way of life. They even exclude themselves from many of the laws that they pass for the rest of the people. Any and all of these selfish, pious, insensitive politicians should be publicly shamed and removed.