CFA misused name on union brochure

CFA misused name on union brochure

The Campus Faculty Association recently published a brochure with "We support the faculty union" on its cover. It named about 700 faculty supporters, and I was surprised to find my name among them.

More than a year ago, CFA representatives came to my office repeatedly as part of their petition drive. They said the petition expressed support for their organization efforts and for an open discussion of the issues. I told them I was undecided, but they said the petition was not an explicit commitment of support for a faculty union. I agreed to sign but asked that my name be kept private.

Some of my close colleagues support unionization and make cogent arguments in favor. Others oppose unionization and raise valid concerns. These positions merit an open, campuswide discussion, something any academic should support; that is why I signed the petition. I never signed a statement saying "I support a faculty union."

After discovering my name in their brochure, I emailed the CFA asking for an explanation. I expressed concern that they had both misrepresented my views and published my name without my permission. After receiving no response, I sent a second email a week later. Again, no response.

Unionization might well be good for this campus, and we need an open and vigorous debate. Treating support for debate as if it were support for unionization is deceptive and is a poor first step toward representing faculty interests.




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