Illinois really is a national joke

Illinois really is a national joke

I write in response to Curtis Krock's June 14 letter in which he urged his fellow Democrats to vote Republican this year.

I moved to Danville nearly four years ago from Columbus, Ohio, and I can confirm that the state of Illinois is a laughingstock, at least in Ohio. As I was leaving Ohio, the voters there had just kicked out of office a Democratic governor and legislature that had nearly crippled the state.

In the 31/2 years since then, Ohio has made a 180-degree turn. Jobs are returning, unemployment is dropping and there is a cash surplus in the state treasury.

As I see it, all state politics should be run in Springfield, and the bums should be kicked out. Have they forgotten they work for us? We pay them to do so.

I'm tired of paying higher taxes with no prospect of political change. It's becoming harder to live here as costs and regulations skyrocket. I can see why many are leaving the state.