Unit 4 should not react defensively

Unit 4 should not react defensively

It is disappointing that Unit 4's position, as expressed by spokeswoman Stephanie Stuart, is that local architect Neil Strack is questioning the accuracy and completeness of Unit 4's high school cost estimates to further an apparent political agenda. Ms. Stuart also implied Mr. Strack is focused on the special interests of the few, rather than the best interest of our community.

The only political agenda and special interests which I see in Neil Strack's comments are local taxpayers asking Unit 4 to use better business judgment in its site selection process and more prudently spend our tax dollars. The Unit 4 administration should be thanking Neil Strack for volunteering and listening to his comments rather than defensively attempting to rationalize its prior decisions and justifying faulty economic analysis.

The high school siting decision will impact our city's growth patterns, neighborhood redevelopment plans, transportation needs and general economic health for at least the next 100 years. I am hopeful our current Unit 4 school board members will slow down their decision-making process, accurately re-evaluate all alternatives and get it right, rather than rushing to judgment.

If they fail to do so, the voters hold ultimate veto power which can be exercised on Election Day when a bond referendum is considered.


Former Champaign school board member



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