Creation letter remarkably naive

Creation letter remarkably naive

Dan Miner's letter on June 28 about the "fable of evolution" is stated with a naivete possible only to helpless ignorance.

He appears to be shocked that no valid scientist will debate the issue. He goes on to state that he is a sinful person who has been "cheated, lied to, swindled, slandered, robbed and taken advantage of many times." This will be vastly alarming to most of us who lead a more prosaic life devoid of such menacing terrors.

Although we may be incredulous at this man's stupefying simplicity and innocence, his colossal ignorance of reality is also amazing. I do not know where to begin. And if I did, I certainly would not know where to stop.

I will mention one specimen only. He states "the fable of evolution ... has been debunked and every statement used to promote it exposed as being based upon fraud and deception." It is amazing that instead of crawling away and hiding his ignorance, he proceeds to express a pious, grateful sort of satisfaction that his beliefs are right and all others are wrong!

The letter is absolutely frightening, considering the magnitude of its misstatements and the confidence with which they are made. Yet it is a textbook example of a population that wishes to rewrite education in America, if only reasonable people will believe their ravings.

One observation I can suggest as mitigating: the scientifically accepted explanation for the creation of our multiverses is not incompatible with belief in a God/Creator.