Landlocked site no good for Central

Landlocked site no good for Central

For over 100 years, the students at Champaign Central High School have not had on their property a home field for any sport or band activity, sans basketball. Now the board is poised to once again continue this inequity with the plan to build Central at Spalding Park. The main athletic fields elsewhere being built some distance away.

This lack of foresight by the board, and others pushing this idea, will allow the great-grandchildren of the incoming kindergartners to experience what these kindergartners' great-great-grandparents have known for the past 100 years, that they are second-class citizens in the eyes of the board of education.

What other downstate district is poised to spend millions of dollars for a new school that continues to be landlocked without the benefit of athletic fields for its students? The answer is simply none.

Years ago I watched as Normal West High School was built in the middle of a soybean field. Twenty years later, it is surrounded by homes. I am sure that when it was sited years ago, people were concerned over its distance from the school it replaced.

We often hear as to how obese the children of today are. Yet, this board and others in community are charging full steam ahead with a plan that does not meet the basic needs of students athletic opportunities.

Is the Neil/Olympian drive site the best? Perhaps not. It does, however, meet all the needs of not only today, but for future generations.