The big D means danger to our state

The big D means danger to our state

A recent use of a "D" and "R" analogy brought laughs and cheers, though there is nothing humorous about the current and ongoing situation in Illinois. Other D words that come to mind include debt, disastrous, demise, despicable and despotic.

I enjoy critical thinking and discussions, respectful of differing viewpoints and eager to learn. Disheartened and with distaste, I've concluded those who believe the D's are driving our state forward are either delusional, dense, disturbed thinkers and/or on the dole.

Big D wants non-binding referendums on the fall ballot on topics like increasing minimum wage, additional taxes on the wealthy, ostensibly to give cover to those too cowardly to make decisions and show true leadership.

Oh, and to get out more D voters, of course.

However what the voters want on the ballot and which D's and R's alike devoted time and energy to through petition drives (term limits and independent district mapping), the big D shows his usual disrespect and disdain for voters and taxpayers by fighting against our desire. To me the little D's in office are culpable as well. Where's the dissent?

Though mostly a D voter historically and even a D election judge as a teenager, I find myself undeniably disgusted with the decade's long deceitful, disingenuous drivel.

What to do now? Demonstrate our desire for real change by disposing of those who are destroying our state. Reverse direction democratically in the voting booth.