Conservatives hate many others, too

Conservatives hate many others, too

In March, The News-Gazette printed a letter I wrote about people who hate the president. I tried to expose the hate, bigotry and prejudice that a lot of people carry within them and how that was directed at the president. In doing some studying and research since then, I have come to realize that the hate from the Republicans goes much further and includes other groups.

If you listen carefully to conservative radio shows such as Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham, just to name a few, and you watch Fox News with all of their right-wing propagandists, you will arrive at the same conclusion. In addition to them, the Republicans in Congress follow their lead and believe as they do.

Today's Republican Party hates black, brown, Hispanic or Asian people. I know there are several black and Hispanic prominent Republicans, but, I believe that they are tolerated, not welcomed by the GOP leaders and their base. They also hate people that are poor, the working middle class, those who are of different religious beliefs and not Christian, any progressive thinker, the idea that a woman is the equal of a man, the unemployed, any person that is receiving a check from the federal government for any reason and anyone that is not a WASP right-wing conservative.

I know I fit several of these groups. The question is, do you?




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