Important lessons from great teacher

Important lessons from great teacher

My mother was a school teacher in the Unit 4 school district for 28 years. So I believe that I might have a little perspective about educating our kids.

When my mother passed, the superintendent of Unit 4 came to her funeral. He told me that my mother was one of his best teachers and that he could always count on her to make sure that her students got a good education.

Before my mother died, she told me that the unions, which were just starting, would be the worst thing for the kids and education. She said that they would become only interested in their power and influence.

Somehow our educational leaders always seem to need more money, in the form of new taxes. After all, what kind of a person are you, if you do not want the children to have a better education?

What I learned from a great teacher is that you do not have to have a new school or a computer for every kid. All you need is a good teacher and a kid that wants to learn.