New UI professor bashes Israel

New UI professor bashes Israel

As if the Bill Ayers and James Kilgore hiring debacles haven't caused enough public relations grief for the University of Illinois, those charged with acquiring academics for classroom teaching positions appear to have done it again.

The latest hire is Steven Salaita, a former Virginia Tech English professor recently taken on here as an associate professor of American Indian Studies.

Dr. Salaita is of Palestinian and Jordanian descent, which would be irrelevant except that his writings, while shrouded in a plethora of academic gobbledygook designed to persuade otherwise, clearly place him in the anti-U.S. and anti-Semite camp. The cynics among us, of course, would insist this makes him the best and brightest to teach courses related to American Indians.

For the skeptics, consider this sampling of Dr. Salaita's tweets:

"By eagerly conflating Jewishness and Israel, Zionists are partly responsible when people say anti-Semitic (expletive) in response to Israeli terror."

"Israel's bombardment of Gaza provides a necessary impetus to reflect on the genocides that accompanied the formation of the United States."

"The IDF (Israeli Defense Force) spokesperson is a lying (expletive)."

Gee, another bastion of objectivity in the classroom on matters of U.S. history and global relations.

His classes begin this fall. Just be sure to leave any Chief-related paraphernalia at home.

Who's next I wonder: Ward Churchill perhaps?