Many stepped up to save man's life

Many stepped up to save man's life

On, July 22, after a normal workout, my husband, Eric Salyards, collapsed at the Refinery in Champaign. He has been a member there for nine years. I never realized what a wonderful gym he had chosen. If it had not been for the fast action and unselfish behavior of the Refinery staff and members, he would most likely not be here today.

Thank you to the member who noticed he passed out and alerted Tony, a trainer at the Refinery. Thanks to Tony who started CPR. Thanks to Jamie, a cardiac nurse and a gym member who immediately dropped her belongings and began working the AED.

Thank you to the firemen who ran across the street to assist. Thanks so much to Dan McCulley, the manager of the Refinery who coordinated all of this and called 911. Thanks to Pro Ambulance and its crew who arrived only 4 minutes after the call.

Thank you also to the nine Refinery members who pitched in and helped carry him up the stairs to the ambulance. Thanks to Presence Medical Center emergency and cardiac care unit staff and doctors who were there to answer all of our crazy questions and provide excellent care.

It seems that what I read about every day are about things people do wrong. I cannot believe how many caring people stepped in to do the right thing to help save my husband's life. He is rehabbing at home now and is getting stronger every day.