Unit 4 brochure fails in many ways

Unit 4 brochure fails in many ways

Most of your readers have received the Champaign Unit 4 brochure purporting "to educate patrons about the Nov. 4, 2014, bond referendum." The brochure is not a factual statement of the pros and cons, but a piece of electioneering propaganda paid for with public funds.

Accordingly, I have raised with the state's attorney the question of its legality.

Legal or not, the brochure is an insult to the voters' intelligence. I have not the space to detail the flimsiness of such rationales of need as students crossing the street for P.E., the lack of air conditioning, or — most horrendous — the inadequate parking.

I will focus on the financial implications. The brochure assures us the cost will be no more than an extra $11.67 per month per $100,000 assessed valuation. But there is no explanation of how that figure was arrived at.

No one can know the full cost of any bond issue without knowing the interest rate — a matter the more crucial given the toxic reputation of Illinois in financial markets — or the time frame; $11.67 takes on a different significance if multiplied by 240, 360 or, most likely, forever.