Central High School has to be central

Central High School has to be central

Our Champaign school board paid millions for land along Olympia Drive, beyond the North Prospect Avenue shopping center, north of Interstate 74. They did this to lever the public into accepting this as the location of a new high school, over public objection, without a public vote.

The school board apparently thinks that eventually this area will develop huge residential housing. But it will not. They are simply promoting sprawl they hope will happen.

By far, the main direction of Champaign's expansion is to the southwest, the opposite end of the city. The Olympia Drive solution is folly of the most dangerous kind.

The Keep Central Central group opposes this location. They have drafted several plans that propose school locations central to where the prospective students now live, close to the center of the city.

The extra dollar cost of student transportation, of travel to school evening events and delivery of services to the Olympia location would be enormous. Thousands of extra miles driven by busy parents and students as they attempt to get through the current North Prospect traffic jams.

Think too of the extra air pollution created by all this unnecessary traveling. The Olympia location would drain your bank account and your health.

On April 7, you will have a chance to vote no on another referendum proposed by the school board, to put the new high school on Olympia Drive.

Only a no vote will cause this board to work with our citizenry toward the best solution, a central city location.