Bicycle riders should pay a tax, too

Bicycle riders should pay a tax, too

For people who ride their bikes to work, school or for pleasure, it is a welcome addition to have Urbana put in white-lined bike paths, making a safe lane to ride bikes.

Urbana is also a part of paying for and putting bike paths to Danville. This is an area that used to house railway tracks for trains. Yes, there are grants, but who ends up paying for all of this? The taxpayer, our city, county, state and federal governments are always and forever raising our taxes.

There are thousands of residents that will never use these bike paths; more that won't, than those who will.

We who drive cars, trucks or motorcycles have to pay a tax when we purchase the vehicle and we have to pay for a license and registration. What is wrong with a road tax being added to the purchase of a bicycle, what is wrong with charging for a license or sticker for the bicycle?

This would be justified by all the new bike paths in and around the city, plus the bike trail to Danville. Let's be fair: Start taxing the people who want and use bicycles.

I do not know when Urbana stopped charging for bicycle license plates; they charged it back 70 years ago. This tax would surely help pay some of the expenses for these paths and trails.

The new taxes on food, gas and other things in Urbana will keep me from purchasing any item the tax is added to.