Bicyclists do pay for road upkeep

Bicyclists do pay for road upkeep

Contrary to popular belief, bicyclists pay the same taxes as motorists. Maintenance on our streets and roads is mostly from property taxes (I pay a substantial amount) and sales taxes.

Gasoline taxes and license fees go toward major highways bicyclists do not use.

Many bicyclists own cars and pay those taxes as well. On the other hand, motor vehicles cause all the damage to the roadways which require taxpayer money to repair (including the taxes paid by bicyclists).

As for the Rails-to-Trails roadway between Urbana and Danville, those grants are all private and not public (i.e., taxpayer) funds. Those funds are paid voluntarily, mostly by bicyclists.

Not mentioned in a recent letter is liability insurance. Although my 145 pounds on a 20-pound bicycle are unlikely to cause any direct damage, I realize I can cause a major accident involving a motorist. You'd better believe I carry insurance (and substantially more than "the legal minimum").

There are a lot of misunderstandings regarding who pays their share of what.

However, the majority of bicyclists pay at least, if not more than, their fair share in using the roadways.