Poor judgment in use of pictures

Poor judgment in use of pictures

Since moving to Champaign a year ago, I have noticed that The News-Gazette prints pictures of and gives article space to nearly every black citizen of this community who has been charged with a crime.

On the other hand, only the whites who have committed the most egregious crimes — Manson and Roof, for example— are pictured and written about. To make matters worse, the pictures of charged blacks are often placed next to or near those of award-winning, accomplished whites. The message is clear and reprehensible.

Considering that blacks in Champaign-Urbana make up only about 16 percent of the population, I think it's safe to assume that more whites than blacks are charged with crimes in any given week. I suggest that you reconsider how racist your current manner of coverage appears to be and adopt the style of many other papers: a simple list of all arrests with no indication of race or ethnic background.

Failure to make such a change would indicate a deliberate racial bias on your part, but I guess that would tell us something we've needed to know about The News- Gazette.