Summerville helped thousands grow

Summerville helped thousands grow

Early on, Willie Summerville discovered his gift. True, every child is born with a gift, but all too often the gift goes unrecognized, not watered. Somehow Willie was able to navigate the system, gaining skills all along the way, sharing his gift with others.

His life was marked with enabling, maximizing others. Music can do that. One of life's mysteries is how music can commune with a person's soul. And Willie had soul, was soul.

Next to Willie's house just off South Prospect, a large garden came to be. The gardener was a gifted professor, who respected soil and thrived along with the garden. No water. A hose went over from Willie's house to the garden. Willie provided the water. The gardener had his gift all together, with plans and plants, worked the soil and planted, and Willie provided the water.

Isn't that kind of what Willie did for thousands of us? Stirred our soil, soul. Provided water in the form of music, helping us grow.

Intelligence? Proven. Ability to use that intelligence to focus, maximizing his gift? Kudos. Passion? Constantly setting the bar high for himself and others. A "Wow!" kind of person. And then the crown of humanity, he cared. Compassion for all. Black, white, whatever, no matter. He cared for us all.

A lifetime of lighting candles. Sing. Sing. Sing. Let your spirit soar. Willie has flown away, but here and all across our land are people who were lifted higher by Willie Summerville. Rest in peace, rise in glory.