Close the prisons, treat the addicted

Close the prisons, treat the addicted

Len Gingerich's recent letter suggesting the "undocumented" are crossing the borders of Arizona from Mexico to distribute illegal drugs to American communities is, as usual, targeting the "usual suspects," that being the poor and those unable to defend themselves.

Associating the "undocumented" with drug dealers and criminals is a form of cruelty, vilifying those we wish to dispose of.

If we seriously wish to eradicate this country's drug problems, we need to target those responsible for the distribution and their corporate masters. We need to end the drug wars and treat drug addiction as the health issue that it is, as was done successfully in Portugal.

We need to stop the incarcerations and close down many, if not most, of the prisons across the nation.

U.S. government involvement in the drug trade is well known as stated in the April 2016 Harper's article "Legalize It All" by Dan Baum, "White Out," in Counterpunch by Jeffrey St. Clair and Alfred McCoy's "The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia," 1974.

And, of course, there's the Iran-Contra affair; see page 41 of the December 1988 Kerry Committee report to the U.S. Senate.




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