Three incumbents best for Parkland

Three incumbents best for Parkland

I am honored to serve as chairman of the Natural Sciences Department at Parkland College.

But I write only for myself to endorse the three incumbents in the Parkland College Board of Trustees elections: Bianca Green (two-year seat), Greg Knott and Dana Trimble (two of three six-year seats).

Attending many board meetings gives one insight into the complexity of issues the board must address. It can give understanding of the trustees' concerns, abilities and dedication.

Trustee Green's legal acumen often leads her to ask incisive questions about issues before the board. Her careful consideration is needed on Parkland's board.

Trustee Knott's consistent focus on students as Parkland's most important constituency has helped clarify for me how we can best serve our community.

Trustee Trimble is board chairman. His evenhanded treatment of this position is precisely what Parkland needs in these turbulent times.

The budget impasse in Springfield has presented dire challenges to higher education and an existential threat to several institutions. The fiscally responsible stance taken by the board, though occasionally painful, has helped ensure Parkland's ability to serve District 505 in perpetuity.

I urge readers to vote for the incumbents running for re-election on April 4: Bianca Green, Greg Knott and Dana Trimble.




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