Trump's health bill is bad for the poor

Trump's health bill is bad for the poor

I read with interest the article "Republicans set low expectations for analysis of health bill."

The expectations weren't set low enough. Just as predicted by AARP, the CBO estimates that millions will lose coverage under the Republican plan. Seniors and the poor will be especially hard hit in the name of "freedom" of coverage choice. I hope the voters of Iowa bear this in mind when Sen. Charles (ObamaCare will pull the plug on grandma) Grassley is up for re-election.

That is, if they live long enough to do so.

Speaking of freedom, I also noted that the upper-income earners will be freed to keep more of their income while the lower and middle classes will pay 10 percent to 20 percent more for their policies. All this while President Trump proposes to spend $54 billion more on defense. I haven't looked at the numbers, but I'm guessing that instead of outspending the next 15 countries on defense, we'll be outspending the next 20 or so.

I hope this buys people who voted for Trump more feeling of security. But I would prefer to have the option of having my tax dollars take care of more people with insurance and job training and investing in education and infrastructure in this country, and not swelling the profits of the military industrial complex.

The American Health Care Act (Trump Care) sends a strong message about Republican values and priorities. If this legislation is enacted, the phrase "Americans are a generous people" will be relegated to the dust bin of history.




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