No free market in health care

No free market in health care

I've been told that millions are suffering under Obamacare. Wrong. We have been suffering under the health care industry for decades.

Under the Affordable Care Act, nonprofit insurers like Land of Lincoln Health stepped in to offer low-cost alternatives. I am amazed at the audacity of Rep. Rodney Davis for voting to kill these nonprofit co-ops and then complain that Obamacare doesn't offer enough options.

It's like he stepped on half the Easter eggs and then complained that there aren't enough eggs for the Easter egg hunt.

Insurance companies want to sign up as many healthy people as they can, collect the premiums, deny as much coverage as they can, then kick us off when we get sick. It's time to remove these insurance companies from the equation with a single-payer health care system like every other developed nation on planet Earth.

I've heard the free market should set health care prices. Wrong. In a free market, I can choose to buy a new or used car from economy to luxury pricing. There are pickups, sports cars, hybrids, etc., and I can choose not to buy a car.

With health care, if I have an accident I will be rushed to the emergency room. If I develop a chronic illness or disease then, I will need to find treatment, often from the only area medical center that specializes in that care. There is no free market, and the insurance companies try as hard as they can to deny me care.




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