Davis is voting anti-environment

Davis is voting anti-environment

Republican leaders are waging an unprecedented war against protecting the environment and human health. Unfortunately, Congressman Rodney Davis, R-Taylorville, is voting in lockstep support of that war.

For example, Davis voted to eliminate the Stream Protection Rule, claiming the rule would get rid of 78,000 coal mining jobs nationwide. However, that wildly exaggerated number comes from a document by the industry's own National Mining Association. The independent Environmental Impact Assessment of this rule estimated it would cut only 41-590 mining jobs nationwide, with some new jobs created to clean up the waste (http://www.osmre.gov).

The Stream Protection Rule would have curbed toxic pollution in mining areas of Illinois with minimal impact on mining jobs — our congressman voted to kill it.

Davis voted for two other bills (HR 1430 and 1431) that would allow polluter representatives on the Environmental Protection Agency's Science Advisory Board and cripple EPA's ability to use good medical science to back up its regulations. The EPA faces more dire threats like a proposal to cut its budget by 30 percent and a bill that would prevent it from regulating greenhouse gases at all.

Gallup polls show nearly two-thirds of Americans are worried about climate change and value environmental protection more than energy development. Let's not return to burning rivers and choking smog.

It isn't too late for Davis and other Republicans to start voting for people instead of interest groups by protecting the agency and rules that protect the environment. Voters in central Illinois are watching.