35 N-G workers losing good jobs

35 N-G workers losing good jobs

I worked at The News-Gazette in the 1990s, so the changes that are occurring there are of particular interest to me. It was a great place to be and I loved being part of that "family."

Unfortunately, newspapers everywhere are struggling and finding it necessary to make difficult decisions to survive.

When I read that the printing and packaging operations were being moved to Peoria, my first selfish thought was, How can they possibly continue to deliver the newspaper to me by 6 a.m.?

Then, after reading further and seeing that this move would "result in the elimination of approximately 35 full- and part-time positions," I realized that my self-centered concern was just that.

What will happen to those 35 men and women, many of whom have worked for The News-Gazette for decades and are of ages that would make it difficult to find other employment?

I have the privilege of knowing Bob Brown, head of printing, and Steve Hall, head of packaging, both of whom have been long-time, loyal employees, and now find themselves in unimaginable situations.

My thoughts are with them and their crews, but my appeal is to The News-Gazette Media group — do the right thing and provide generous severance and/or retirement packages for them.