Athletes need help with mental health

Athletes need help with mental health

Many people believe that mental health issues in athletes are uncommon.

Mental illness in sports is frequently overlooked, and our athletes may be suffering because of it.

However, it would be easy to see how mental health issues such as depression and anxiety could accumulate through the pressures of competing well or acquiring injuries, especially when they still have the normal stressors of their daily life.

But the athlete population, as a whole, typically does not seek out services. This may be due to the fact that the stigma of mental health is often associated with weakness, which is the opposite label an athlete seeks to embody.

As a graduate student at the University of Illinois and a recent athlete, I believe that athletes all across the board shouldn't feel pressured to cover up their mental health.

Instead, we should be attempting to see how we can better address this barrier in our schools, on our teams, and in our state to change the stigma from getting help as a sign of weakness to a sign of strength.