Bond set too low in 2015 DUI case

Bond set too low in 2015 DUI case

I simply cannot understand why Champaign County Associate Judge Brett Olmstead would set bail lower than the absolute maximum on Juan Gaspar Miguel-Juan for hitting and nearly killing a 12-year-old boy and then fleeing the scene to save himself from deportation to Mexico.

According to press reports, Miguel-Juan is an illegal immigrant who struck the boy while driving drunk in September 2015 and didn't even call for help for the boy, merely leaving him to die. He was already a criminal for being in the country illegally and so sought to avoid deportation in a callous act of cowardice.

The Champaign County assistant state's attorney asked for $500,000 in bail. Olmstead used his "judicial discretion" to set it at $300,000. This means the criminal can flee again after posting $30,000. He fled previously and evaded arrest for over a year and had been previously deported.

He is not "just another person like me trying to improve his life"; he's a criminal in lifestyle, choice and attitude.

No rationale for Olmstead was given in the article. Maybe he was "sending a message" or whimsically employing judicial discretion. In either case, we would be better off if our courts were run by computers or trained apes.

Local courts continually produce contradictory and outrageous findings based on consequences or principles perceived by judges but no one else. We should have the consistent rule of law, not judicial caprice.